Dead Pole


3 Responses to “Dead Pole”

  1. westernqueensland Says:

    This is on a back street in Long Island City/Sunnyside/Maspeth Behind Calvary Cemetery. I’d imagine it is a place where kids race, and this guy looks like a victim of youthful testosterone. Sunnyside/LIC are right across Newtown Creek from Greenpoint Brooklyn which has a strong and large Polish (catholic) community. These are lots of early 20th century factory buildings and so it is a place people go for privacy at night. I run there very early, sometimes before dawn, so I never see this. Say a prayer, say the Rosary, for the kid. Get up before dawn one day and look at the stars.

  2. sorabji Says:

    I don’t remember how i found this site, but i’ve been following it for a while.

    i have seen similar markers on Review Avenue. here is one:

    Say all the rosaries you want, but bodies come and go, like the drag racers of our souls…

  3. westernqueensland Says:

    I never saw the one you snapped, but when I saw it on I thought that that one was on the other side of fourth Calvary, over by Staples. Now I recognize Greenpoint in the background.

    I started a collection of photos of signs posted on poles, more quotidian, rent, lost, etc. I intend one day to try and make collage like the ones I did of Churches:
    and bottles:

    I love wandering around Western Queens. It took a while for my eye to adjust to the sparse beauty of LIC, Sunnyside, Woodside, and Astoria.

    Your site inspired me to create this one. You have a great eye.

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