Shaalom Transmission



3 Responses to “Shaalom Transmission”

  1. mariomarin Says:

    Hola quiero invitarte a visitar mi Blog, va sobre mis fotografías, espero lo visites y dejes tus comentarios o lo que tu quieras.

  2. Deneene Says:

    I thought it was an I’m-the-law-around-here sheriff’s badge distributor cap. Stat sez “I see Jewish people.”

    Tell me you didn’t miss Jon Stewart doing an R.Kelly meets US Senator Craig “In The Closet” send-up.

    It is brilliant and can be seen with just a couple of clicks on the Comedy Central site.

    Don’t miss it.

    Luv ya–


  3. westernqueensland Says:

    I saw it and took it, but looking at the image I wish that I had a better camera and more time to snap a more symmetrical image.

    Last year I came up with this one and the previous too

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