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  1. Linda Croskey Says:

    Hello. I once live at 202 York street in the Farragut Housing. I live there from 1953 – 2,000. I heard that Farragut Houses have been bought. I heard that they will be turning it into a Co-op. .
    What will happen to those that have a disability and the elderly?

    Linda Croskey

  2. Russell Rusty Taylor Says:

    I resided in at The Farragut Houses from 1956 to 1985. In 2000 I decided
    to give a series of Farragut Reunions. Many people showed up. Some of
    these people haven’t seen one another in decades. It was crazy. People
    crying, laughing hugging one another. I can see Sandy Blackwell dancing
    in the doorway. Douglas Watson (Debonair) was spinning the records.
    Fun was had by all. There were representatves from families such as;
    The Robisons (191 Sands) Peterson Fam(191 Sands)Cromwell (237 Nassau) The Victors (111 Bridge)Hippowith Fam(190 York) Wilkins (177 Sands) The Hill Fam(224 York)Katrina (237Nassau)Chochie (234) Bug Kearse and of course Linda Croskey. Reply at rta524@aol.com

    • Gina Romero Says:

      Hey Rusty, Omg!!! it is so wonderful to see that i am actually in contact with one of the family members of Farragut where i lived and grew up.now i know you might not remember me well but i most certainly remember you or should i say i remember your name…well i lived in bldg 177 on the 13th floor i had a sister named valeree and i had five younger brothers that were under me the one that was next to me was Arnold and next it was Jerome, i don’t know if you remember them or not but anyway, i have recently been in contact with Deseree Rhyming and she gave me the information about the reunion that your planning for next month, now i would love to attend this event ,me and my sister val was thinking maybe we would come there together.even though i live in Las vegas and she lives in North Carolina we can still do this.so if you don’t mind please give me a holla @ my e-email address and let me know a lilttle more about this event ok?.it was so wonderful getting in contact with you, ummm it brings back so good memories! WOW!!!! PEACE…. ginagarrett22@yahoo.com

    • stanley lewis Says:

      I lived in 190 my name is Stanley Lewis let me know any reunions .I grew up with simpsons,webs ,sanford,kemps etc let’s rember good times

    • carltonedwards Says:

      Hey Rusty let me know when the next reunion will be.Carlton and Harvey. 1st floor in 177 Sands st.

      • Stanley lewis Says:

        Is this Harvey & Carlton from 190 .If so give me a holla .where is Steve stancil.buddy .sanford.i lived there 1950s till 1964. Holla! Apt 12j.

    • Deborah Howard Says:

      Hi All,

      I didn’t leave in the Farragut Houses but went to school with a number of people who did at PS8 and PS7. If anyone on this group went to PS8 and PS7 when I did, I’d love to catch up with you,

      All the best,

      Deb Howard

  3. Suzzy Schmidt Says:

    I lived at 234 Sands Street from 1952 (when the project first opened) to 1964. I was four years old in 1952, which is to say, I spent my formative years there. Quite frankly, I don’t have any positive recollections about the experience. It was a hell hole then, and by all accounts, it still is. My worst memory is having to step over feces and urine in the elevator on a regular basis in order to get to my ninth floor apartment.

  4. Roger Simpson Says:

    I lived at 190 York street from August 24,1955 to August, 1974. I have very fond memories of growing up there. The summers were great, there where the trips to Coney Island and the annual summer outings to Rockland state park, the bazaars at St. Anns church, the talent shows at PS 287 boys club hosted by Sal Kemp. The winters were something to behold as well. We use to go sledding across the street from 177 Sands street on the BQE hill & the Manhatten Bridge hill. Then there was the St. George Hotel swimming pool that brought great joy and fun both winter & summer. Then in the late sixties the nuns at St. Anns church opened T.U.F.F (Teenagers United For Fun), I think Jimmy Hill (224) had somthing to do with that. I could go on & on about the great times I had there, so if there is anyone who didn’t have as great a time as I had is because they didn’t want to. Thanks for listening!


    • Joseph Says:

      Did you know my cousins? The Bass Family?

      • lirizarryellis Says:

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      • Lorraine Enriquez Says:

        I lived in 192 Sand St.. my mom was good friends with a Bass family.. had a daughter named Lourdes & a son named Benny.. I went to school with Lourdes.. sadly she was tragically thrown off her roof (14th flr).. I remember that day clearly.. was this ur family?

      • Amy T Rosenkrantz Says:

        Yes. Mrs. Margo Bass is my Godmother and I went to school with Lourdes. I seen Lourdes on the morning of her death. I was 6 years old and usually sat with Lourdes at lunch in our school. Sadly, that day she told me she was going home for lunch.
        Please get in touch.

      • Lorraine Enriquez Says:

        Amy my name is Lorraine.. I lived in 192 Sand St.. My mom was Margo’s good friend and I was with Lourdes that dreadful day.. I was about 6 or 7 yrs old also.. We walked home for lunch and was suppose to meet on the corner when finished.. She never came out.. We heard the news on the radio that evening while having dinner..

  5. padmini persaud Says:

    I was born and raised in farragut housing projects for 20 years. Our family moved in 1989. To this day i have very fond memories of growing up there. Yes there was urine in the stairwell and sometimes the elevator but once we opened the door to our apt. it was home.

    The winters…nothing beats snowball fights with our friends from different buildings and staying outside until you could barely feel your fingertips and coming home to a nice warm apt. to put your gloves on heated radiators to dethaw. And yes! sledding down the hill from the BQE on cardboard boxes, sleds or whatever you had available! The view of Farragut as you walk home from the High Street train station was breathtaking when all the christmas lights would flicker in the windows.

    Summertime jams in Shady Rest Park and Block Parties back in the 70’s were the ultimate. Playing in the large grass behind our buildings and staying out until the streelilght came on while playing backgammon under streetlights while a radio blared our favorite music was something you just have to experience to understand.

    No matter what time you came in during the night you were always greeted by not one doorman but several and they all knew your name and looked out for you as they hung out front.

  6. Gerard Carter Says:

    I was born and raised in farrgut project In 192 Sands st from 1954 till 1972 when I entered the armed forces, and my mom and dad still lived there I had Bad memorys and good, but the good out weighed the bad ther wher a lot of good people in that place that went on to all different walks in life. I atteneded the open door church hung out with great people threw frisbees in the middle of the street hung out at the barrels and played hand ball in the shady rest (park)and most of all the best that ever happened to me next to being saved Is this is wher I met my wife and when have been togethernow for over 30 something yrs so there was a lot of good that came out of the project 🙂

  7. Gerard Carter Says:

    I was born and raised in farrgut project In 192 Sands st from 1954 till 1972 when I entered the armed forces, and my mom and dad still lived there I had Bad memorys and good, but the good out weighed the bad ther where a lot of good people in that place that went on to all different walks in life. I atteneded the open door church hung out with great people threw frisbees in the middle of the street hung out at the barrels and played hand ball in the shady rest (park)and most of all the best that ever happened to me next to being saved Is this is where I met my wife and when have been together now for over 30 something yrs so there was a lot of good that came out of the project 🙂


    I too lived in the Farragut Projects (192 Sands St) from 1952 – 1971. There were some bad times but most of it was good. Had some great friendships that continued even now. Playing on the barrels, sliding down the hill, walking up to the Hotel St. George, forming a girls club called the “VRETTA PRIX” dances in the Community Center, Church at the Open Door – WOW. There are some people still there from the 1950’s – what are they going to do? Let me know when there is another reunion scheduled.

    • henry morris Says:

      cythia get in contact with me, havent seen you in 38 yrs (DUKIE 5C, 192)

      • Dr. Patra Doyle Robbins-El Says:

        Well hello Henry( Dukie) Morris I hope u remember me
        Pat Doyle
        yes! it’s ME How u doin? My brother Buster told me he spoke with u at the reunion, it’s been at least 38-39 years since we last seen eachother. WOW If u want to connect with me hit me up on facebook or email me an we can take it from there Hope to hear from u soon Peace & Love

      • RONALD BULLOCK Says:

        Yo Duke
        I don’t know how this work! but I’ll try anyway.
        Ronald Bullock, 192 Sands st 3-E
        How are you and the family, it’s been a long long time.
        Hopefully we can make contact. I’ll try and make the next reunion
        Peace. Ronnie

  9. TONY SOTO Says:

    I also lived in farragut projects(233 sands st)in 1960 first floor until 1973 then moved into 202 (13 floor) until 1979.It was tough living there but I also remember some goodtimes.Watching movies in the grass,playing in 307 school yard,walking around the factories and getting free toys next to the school or candy from the factories behind the prodjects.Hanging out with my friends,playing handball till your hands were swollen,playing baseball in the grass until the cops chased you out.Walking to fulton st to shop,and who could forget a good old project birthday party,so many friends that it was standing room only.On the flip side I lost alot of friends there too growing up, to crime or drugs.The farragut prodjects has changed alot since I was a kid but I think it has made me a better person from the experience of living in the prodjects

    • Richard Acosta Says:

      Tony look me up dude been trying to find you since the last time i saw you on the pkway fishing

  10. Roger H. Simpson Says:

    My name is Roger Simpson, I resided at 190 York St. from 1955 – 1974. I have very fond memories of living in Farragut, I went to PS7, PS8 & 307. I had many friends there. Boo Boo Brit, Robert Ellis his sister Francis,(233), Richard Payne, (192), Kenny & Kalvin Hopkins,(190), Debra Hopkins,(190), Beverly Briggs,(224) Steven Kearse,(224) Gary Newton (202), Lance Screven, Roy, Kenny, Alvin Ratliff, (111), Iris Wells, 191, Ahmed Penn, (190), Linda Rice, (190) Jackie Macano, Valerie Macano (190), This list can go on forever, I can’t forget my first love, Debbie Milligan. I miss you all, and to those who are still here, Thanks for The great memories. If I forget a name or two, charge it to my brain and not my heart.

    Forever Farragut

  11. Carol Meeusen Says:

    Wow! Glad I found all of you! I lived at 111 Bridge on the 11th floor from 1952-1965. What an experience-that place still haunts me. I went back a couple of years ago to see the projects and I had to stand a 1/2 block away as I was actually frightened to get any closer. Do any of you know Roslyn Sanders, Dennis McArthur, Priscilla Lopez, Barbara Jo Mahoney, Dennis Morocco? I went to PS 287, then PS 20 and then Francis Scott Key JHS. I attended ballet and tap classes at the community center and occaisionally went to the Church of the Open Door. I loved the view of Manhattan skyscrapers and hearing the tug boats. My escape though was Brooklyn Heights, which seemed like heaven!

    • Alice Says:

      Carol. I also lived at 111 Bridge Street on the second floor, 2C. When I’ve visited NY, I always go back to Farragut. At first, I just stood across the street or drove around the neighborhood. About 5 years ago, I was gold and walked right up to the front door, went inside the building and stood outside my old apartment. I wanted to knock, but there was loud blaring music coming from inside and I was afraid. My dad used to entertain the kids as the hunchback of Notre Dame on Halloween. He put a nylon stocking on his face with cut out holes and a towel on one side of his back and went up and down the 14 floors scaring all the kids. That was one thing that was fun. Most everything else about living there was not. I remember a Carol Ann as a little girl, if you are her. My mom and hers and other moms would sit outside on the benches and watch the kids playing on the concrete or on the grassy area(ring-0-levio), skating, and whatever.

  12. Linda Irizarry Says:

    My family lived at 234 Sands Street aprtment 5A from 1957 until 1966. I remember the Aviles’, Rodriguez, Perez, Borrero, Henriquez, Millan, Bass and other families. I attended and graduated P..S. 287 and St. James. I remember swimming at the St. George Pool, going to St. Ann’s for summer day camp, playing on the grounds and friendships. I was saddened to hear that St. Ann was torn down. It was such a beautiful church. If there is another reunion, my family would like to attend.

    • Deborah Woodly (at the time) Says:

      I knew a Carmen Irizarry we were Girl Scouts & had are picture taken together by Saint Ann’s Church.

    • Victor Jr. (aka Junie) Says:

      Hey Linda how are you, this is Junie Perez. I remember your dad used to make guitars. How’ve you been? Glad you mentioned my family. Please write to me at: adiL11214@yahoo.com

    • Lorraine Enriquez Says:

      I also graduated St James Pro Cathedral.. I remember a Linda Irizarry.. were u dating a boy named Ishmael? I lived in 192 Sand St in the Farragut projects..

      • Linda Ellis Says:

        OMG!!!!! Yes; I dated Ismael for a couple of years!!!! How are you???? Remember Sister Agnes? Sister Grace Arthur??? I remember Father Sullivan and Father Toomey too. Were we together the day Pres. Kennedy was shot?

      • Lorraine Enriquez Says:

        Hi again.. wow.. glad u wrote back.. I remember u & Ishmael.. u used to wear a thick headband.. material I think.. Ishmael hung with John Alleva who I had a crush on but he didn’t like me.. I hung with Filipina Cantone.. I wasn’t clickish so I had different friends from different groups.. lol.. I do remember the priests & nuns.. boy how the world turns..

      • Linda Ellis Says:

        It’s so nice to hear from a friend from the young days. What High School did you go to? I went to Eli Whitney. I live in Delaware now, but only for the last 8 years. I moved to Staten Island in ’77 and lived there until 2004.

      • Lorraine Enriquez Says:

        It’s crazy.. never thought u would talk to anyone ever again.. all this technology has made this possible.. did u wear a thick headband like a scarf or something?
        I lived in the Farragut projects from around 1957-1964 with my mom & sis.. then we moved to Park Slope (Prospect Park).. I went to St John Villa Academy HS in Staten Is.. it was a boarding school.. I moved upstate NY when I finished school, got married, had 4 kids.. I now live in Florida.. my daughter lives in Philadelphia which is right next to Delaware..

      • Linda Ellis Says:

        I think that I wore a headband, but can’t remember. My family moved out of Farragut in ’64 too! My daughters went to St. John Villa in the early 80’s. All girls, but Farrell HS for boys was the “brother” school. I have 3 daughters and 4 grandkids. I go to Manhattan about four times a year. I am going back to Brooklyn in the Spring. If you EVER come to Philly to see your daughter, please get in touch before and I will drive (only 30 mins.) to meet you. You can also find me on facebook and we can be friends there. It’s GREAT to find you again after sooooo long!!!!

      • Lorraine Enriquez Says:

        What is ur name on FB? Mine is Lorraine Angelina Enriquez.. I meant to ask u if u knew the Bass family.. their daughter was Lourdes.. had a son named Benny.. they were good friends of my mom.. I played with Lourdes.. was with her the day she died.. we both went to Assumption school & always walked home for lunch together then meet up to go back to school.. that particular day she never showed so I thought she wasn’t coming & went back to school.. the nuns asked me a few times if I knew her whereabouts.. she was missing.. at dinner that night we heard the dreadful news on the radio that she was found.. I’ll never forget my mom screaming & we ran over to their apt..
        I can’t believe ur daughters went to the same school as me.. at the time I went it was a boarding school.. some of my best memories are there…

      • Linda Ellis Says:

        Hi, my facebook name is Linda Irizarry. Did you go to St. James for Junior High? I knew Lourdes too….. so sad. James Rooks lived next door to us. So scary, when I think of it now. It could have been me. My mother used to talk to his mom. Did you know anyone from 234 Sands Street? That was where I lived.

      • Lorraine Enriquez Says:

        1-4 grade .. Assumption
        5-8 grade .. St James
        9 grade .. Bishop McDonnell
        10-12 .. St John Villa
        Those were my schools..
        Honestly I personally didn’t know a lot of people.. it was my mom & older sister who knew people.. I really never hung outside.. my mom was too scared.. she had to work all day.. I had my few special friends that I played with.. the crazy thing about that was I wasn’t allowed to hang outside but I walked a few miles to get to school alone.. go figure.. lol..
        Did u know Madeline & Lillian Sanchez? They were our friends too from the projects.. their bldg faced mine..

      • Linda Ellis Says:

        I think that I did know Lillian Sanchez….. It sounds very familar. We were both at St. James! I didn’t go out much either. Mom was home until I was 12 but they kept me and my sister, Olga inside unless one of them could watch us. This became especially strict after Lourdes was killed by our neighbor!

      • Alice Says:

        Hi. My name is Alice. I went to St James Pro-Cathedral school also. First grade to 12th when we moved to Queens I knew John Alleva. I also had a crush on him. And I remember Ishmael. Fr.Toomey and Fr Sullivan(was he portly?). I hear you talking about Lourdes. I remember a young girl who was thrown off the roof of the building next to mine-which was 111 Bridge Street-and I believed she went to Assumption school. I remember it was a tragedy, we were all frightened. I’ve long left Brooklyn, but the projects are still ingrained in my heart.

      • Linda Irizarry Says:

        Hi everyone! It’s always nice to see an email from the Farragut folks. Yes, I went to St. James and dated Ishmael. He was my first crush. I also remember the Enriquez family and went to school with Elsa. I have a picture of her with another friend outside P.S. 287. We also went to St. Ann’s Church camp in the summer. Those were such good times! I hope that everyone is well.
        Linda Irizarry

    • Lorraine Enriquez Says:

      Hey Linda.. here’s my email address so we can correspond directly..
      I found a pic of ur bldg online.. it has the #234 on front of bldg.. I’ll email it to u.. what’s ur email?

      • Lorraine Enriquez Says:

        Hi Alice.. I don’t remember you off hand.. You knew John Alleva & had a crush on him too? Too funny.. I was corresponding with him years ago thru email & he had just had a grandchild.. it was good talking to him as adults.. do you remember anyone else from St James? What year did you graduate from St James? My 8th grade graduation was 1964..

      • Lorraine Enriquez Says:

        Linda Irizarry, I lost your phone #.. Please email it to me.. Thanks.. Hope you’re doing well.. planning on moving back up to Philly..

  13. Al Wilkins Says:

    My family moved to Farragut in 1957, we resided in 177 Sands and my Sister Tracy is still in our old apartment. My earliest memories of Farragut was thinking my 5th floor apartment was the highest up I could ever imagine. My brother Don and I felt like explorers learning the new neighborhood and making new and sometimes lifelong friends. I remember so much, the original Boys Club located on the corner of York & Gold, Barney’s when it was located where PS 307 now stands. I remember my first Little league team coached by Mr. Tom Lucky of the Navy yard Boys Club. This may amaze you but I can still recall most of my teammates, Steve Westbrook, Jimmy Santana, James “Junebug” Kearse, Smitty Cole, Steve Richards, Leroy Herbert, Ron Locklear, Tony Styles, Armond Hill and myself. There were so many good and positive value bestowed upon us until the drug epidemic swept thru Farragut in the Middle 60’s. I base many of my role model from growing up in Farragut and although its changed in so many ways, the memories are forever..Al Wilkins

    • Gina Romero Says:

      Hey Al, i don’t know if you remember me but my name is Gina Romero,i lived on the 13th floor in 177.i had 5 brothers and two sisters and my mom name was Alice my dad was Mr.Arty, i am the 2nd oldest of my siblings,Valeree was the oldest and i was next, i had a brothers named Arnold,Jerome,phillip,and the outher siblings were probably to young for you to remember.but i most definatley remember your family,Tracy,Don,and i believe you had 2 or 3 more brothers i am not sure, but anyway i do remember you.so if and when you find a minute in your busy day,please contact me,i would love hearing from you my friend, and i think that my sister val would love it even more!!LOL…take care and much love to you and your family…..

    • Leslie Chalin Says:

      I was looking for some inspiration a writing project and wanted to see pictures of 177 Sands Street. I went to Rothchild JH and was friends with Kevelin Winfrey. Your brother may have gone to Rothchild also. Take care nice site..

  14. Vivian Victor Lucas Says:

    Hi,my name is Vivian Victor,We lived in 111 Bridge st.from 1956-present,I went to P.S.7,Sands,and Ft.Hamilton/my older brothers,Sweater,Swabby,Ronald,and Henry,the younger one were Herman,joe,sandra,allean,herbie,cookie,and charlie,my mother used to call us out the window all the time,I remember tuff house,the choir with Grayson,tom mccabe,gerald gannon,father white,father mannion,sister thomas marie,mary victor,catherine,and ellen.racing outside from York to Gold st.hiding out in GHOST TOWN(DUMBO)the murders,the drownings,breaking into the ice cream factory,hys drugstore,seymour check cashing,THE BOWLING ALLEY!BARNEYS,YORK LIQUORS,oh GOD,those were good days,the talent shows,My mother still lives in 111,and i live in 224,THERES NO PLACE LIKE HOME!

    • Carol Says:

      Hi Vivian-do you remember the 3 Meeusen girls (me, Linda & Norma)? We lived in 11 D. I recall Hy’s drugtore, York liquors, the lunchonette, Edna’s candy store, the bowling alley, Venti’s deli, Key Food, etc. Linda went to Ft. Hamilton.

    • Gary Gee Hendricks Says:

      I remember Joe Joe and that evening, R.I.P. and his friend down at the waterfront. Do you know the Warrens from 191, I believe Myra and Pop

  15. Roger H. Simpson Says:

    It gives me great pleasure to see that there are many people who are responding to the great times we all experienced living in The Farragut House. For most of us, such as myself, these are our very first memories. Its endless. Do any of you remember in June or July of 1967, when the RKO Albee hosted a TP Production show featureing “The Temptations, Peaches & Herb, The Jimmy Castor Bunch (Hey Leroy) and Sad Sam. I rememer that night as if it was yesterday. It was My brother David, Jimmy Sanford, Buddy Page, James Webb, Weasel, David White, Jesse Hopkins and many others. It was a great night.

    • Stanley lewis Says:

      Hey Roger this is Stan from 12j I hung with your bros.jeff and David please holla I now reside in md.i d love too speak about the great times back then

  16. Richard Acosta Says:

    I was born in Farragut Houses in 191 5G then 9G then in 177 1C. It was a great place much different when I returned with my own family in the late 1970s . My parents lived there from the time the place opened up . As a matter of fact I know some of the people that left comments to them i say long time . Especially tony soto . I recently went back to see a big change in the hood i felt like i was in a different place. But I have great memories and I found a site on FACEBOOK called FARRAGUT PROJECTS and found alot of my past there hope to see you there soon god bless

  17. James Huffman, Jr. Says:

    I grew up in the Faragut Houses, 177 Sands Street, from 1951 – 1961.
    Many of the friends I grew up with who remained there did not fair well.
    Many of them were later caught up in the drug epidemic that ran rapid through the neighborhood.

    When I lived at 177 Sands Street, we were like a big family. I remember the Washington’s on the 12th floor. If someone’s mother saw you doing something you should not have, you can believe your own mother would know about it before the day ended.

    Life has been good for me, I had the opportunity to graduate H.S. attend college and earn a B.A. and Masters in Library Science. I often wonder what happend to some of my old friends and the families I shared so much of my young life with then.

  18. Rama Persaud Says:

    Hello all my Farragut Family
    My family (Harry=dad, Moobena=mom, sister=Nandani aka Pam and sister=Padmini, aka Buffy and myself) lived in Farragut (192 Sands–Apt. 5B) from 1965-89. I graduated from P.S. 307 in 1976 and then went to Susan Smith McKinney J.H.S. As far as I know, we were the only Guyanese family in Farragut at that time. Even so, it didn’t matter. Everybody got along.

    To this day, I still miss my ‘home’. Sure, there were bad times, but the good far outweighed the bad. The list of good stuff I could write about could fill a book! Where to start? Here we go…!
    My friends! Tommy Westbrook (192) and his family. Valerie Moore (192) her brother Larry and sister Plunky. Valerie’s still there, Hey Val!
    The Carter’s, Martin Payne and fam, Weldon and Gertrude Kennedy and fam, our next door neighbors: Vasquez’s–5A–Alma “Elmo” Morris (5C) Stokes–Anthony and Petey, Manresa’s (Doris, Janey and Larry) my babysitter Myrna and Shorty and their mom Laura. Johnny from the 4th floor, Carlos and his sister Mildred, The Agogho family from the 4th floor.
    The Pratt family: James, John, Joe-Joe, Kristine. Mike and Eddie Guzman. Derek Simpson, Danny Dish, Donald, Nolan, Charlie Ford, the Quinones family, Rodney, Curtis and Tyree Bobo, Kimberly Welsh, Andrea Hicks (Andrea, I had a crush on you!) Arnold Breckinridge, the Carraway family: Russell, Michelle, Sharon and Bernard.
    Kevin Scott and family (191–10J) Trevor Ollivierre and fam (234–Trev, playing Monopoly with you and Rodney during the Holidays was the best! I can still taste the hams your mom made!) the Dash family–Tommy, George, Angela, Jolaine, the Ham family, Timothy Lennon, Adrian Jackson, Rodney Barnes (237) David and Larry Banks (237) Jimmy Baez (237) Sheryl and Sheray Aiken, Mark Green (191) and so many others.

    The good times were:
    Playing! Playing in front of the building, flies up, taps, dodge ball, baseball in the front yard, throwing dirt bombs, frisbee, water gun fights, cops & robbers, football throwing, ring-o-levio (spelling?) crack the whip, double dutch, skating (the old skates with the skate keys) building go carts with the old skating wheels, playing at shady rest park, (handball was my favorite) sliding down a snow covered BQE hill on an old ironing board I found in the basement (I almost got hit by a bus that year!), snowball fights, tug of war, SKELLEYS!!! (we used to dig up the street to fill our milk bottle tops with tar, then later with wax. I wore out a lot of pants playing skelleys). My dad and Jimmy Quinones taught me how to ride my red bike in the back of the building, riding our bikes in the parking lot on our block, getting sandwiches from Barney’s (my favorite ’til this day) the pizza shop also on York St., which also sold candy and small toys the old drug store, the big grocery store, first as I remember, it was Key Food, then Pioneer. It would keep changing names for some reason. I just have to mention Dr. White Community Center at 200 Gold St. It was an oasis for lots of us. Sister Catherine McCarthy, Sisters Joan Soto, Francis, and Margaret. They taught us lots of good, useful stuff. I volunteered for them by putting flyers underneath everyones doors in the building. I remember their band practice under the BQE in Shady Rest. They always sounded great.

    Please forgive the longwinded article, for as you can plainly see, I still have great memories of growing up in Farragut. Although we moved in ’89, nothing compares to that place. Farragut will always be ‘HOME’ to me.

    • Willa Says:

      Hi, I am an Aunt to John, Jr., James, Christine, Joseph, Jerome,
      Jermaine and Elaine Pratt.
      Their father was John T. Pratt and Mom Jeanette Pratt who lived in 192
      Sands Street.
      I am sorry to say that my Brother, John Pratt, passed in 2000 of lung
      cancer but John Jr is a Grandfather and Joseph lives in England.
      Funny, I was a teenager when I use to come to that building to babysit
      for my Brother & his wife. Now these same kids are Grandparents.
      Love to you all.

  19. Williemae Owens Says:

    My family live in 224 york st apartment 3A in the year 1978 Williemae owens everyone one is well and doing great.

    • Debra Blake Ramos Says:

      Hello, Wlliemae, my name is Debra Blake and I too use to live in 224 york st, at apartment 6A. I remember your whole family, Elizabeth, Joey and you were the youngest child. How is your mother doing. My mother always said she were a very sweet woman that minded her business. I truly can say, there were good times as well as bad times. But, it is never bad to go down memory lane, it refreshes the inner soul to help you go on. Well anyway if you should ever contact this page, please feel to free to e-mail me a dbremos@gmail.com. Have a good life!!!!!!!! Debbie!

      • Bernice Jackson Says:

        Hey Willamae how are you?! OMG I don’t know if you even remember but me n Liz were soooo close bk in the day. I lived in 233. We hung out w Debra Blake and Ilene Hewitt.Pls hit me up on Facebook under my mid name, Neesie Jackson bc I’ve been tryn for a min to find ur sis n the the others. Can’t wait to catch up!

  20. Stanley Banks Says:

    Hi, I’m Stanley Banks from 237 Nassau St. We, the Banks had a great time in Farragut Projects. We had nothing to compare it to. I am so grateful to “The Families” that we had in that project. You were never alone, you always had support that you could count on.
    I’ve been a professional musician for the past 37 years and I attribute all of my education & experiences to Farragut.
    Larry Banks, my younger brother, is the Minister of Music at The Church Of The Open Door. I’m very proud of him and Reverend Taylor and what they’re accomplishing at the Church.
    Although the projects are sold, I feel that we owe the occupants all that we can give as long as they’re there.
    I thank Mr. & Mrs. William Banks for all they have given us. My brothers I love with all my heart!
    To one & all,
    “Let’s Take Care Of Us”

    Thanx, Banks

    • Gregory page Says:

      Hi Stanley my name is Gregory Page you probably dont remember me but your brother Larry use to date my sister Darlene.Your brother brought my sister and me to your house one christmas and you had all your gold records on the wall.Larry and jogged the Brooklyn Bridge together and played alot of one on one basketball.


      • Stanley lewis Says:

        this is Stan Lewis lived in 190 York Street apartment 12 J could you please tell your brother buddy stan is trying to contact them I live in Maryland now you can contact me through this page

    • Stanley lewis Says:

      Hey Larry this is Stan lewis.i knew u from ps287.ira stevens.armond hill.catrina.kim parker.i am also a musician you know my boy denzil.miller Farragut is from the heart

  21. Linda Irizarry Ellis Says:

    It’s always nostalgic to hear from former and current Farragut residents. Some of us really made our mark on the world with success beyond the realm of imagination while living in the projects.
    Life there either made you stronger, or it ate you up. For my siblings and I, it inspired us to find a way a better life. We each achieved that goal and we know that it came from very humble beginnings.

    • Robert orsini Says:

      I believe we lived on the same floor @234 I think you were in 4a your neighbor was the b popowitz’s in 4k we lived in 4e the orsini’s. just came accross this sight,huble beginnings yes. we lived there at 234 from55-68.
      I kjnow that if anything happens in my life it couldn’t possibly be as bad in the projects. Many friends in the building. baseball at city park softballl at st james park

      • Linda Ellis Says:

        Hi Robert!

        It’s great to hear from you. I remember you from PS 287 and St. James.We came from very humble begiinings indeed.

        I went on to marry young yet achieved much success in the big city. For 30 years I worked in the legal field as an Administrator.

        I retired (young!) in 2004 and live in Delaware near my children (3 daughters).

        Living in the projects made me street wise and smart yet humble.

        Please keep in touch 🙂

      • Linda Ellis Says:

        Happy New Year Robert!

        Linda Irizarry

  22. Sandra Spivey Morton Says:

    Hi Sandra Spivey from 224, apt. 13G, from inception until 1972, sisters were Dorothy, Virginia, Patricia, brothers were John, Leon and Edward. I stumbled upon this blog by accident because I am looking for information to include in a book I am writing about growing up in Farragut.
    Everyone that I meet I share my experiences of growing up in Farragut and how awesome it was. Yes, as with anything in life, there were some good times and there were some unpleasant experiences. However, all in all I thank God for the experiences for they have truly helped to shape me into the individual I am today.
    At this stage in my life I reflect on my past 61 years and what comes to mind is to share my life’s experiences with others. I am truly thankful for all of the experiences I had growing up in Farragut Houses.

  23. westernqueensland Says:

    Dear Ms. Morton,
    Good luck on the book. Please let me know if I can help.



  25. Carol Parker Hagood Says:

    I thank my brother (Reggie) for telling me about this site, even tho I was 12 when we moved out of Farragut I still remember alot of people. Sandra Spivey Morton I remember you and your family, we lived at 224 York Street apt 5G . My parents were Abraham and Esther Parker, unfortunately they are both deceased. I went to PS 307 right across the street from projects I remember the store Barneys on the corner they had the best subs!

  26. Christopher "Mark" Parker Says:

    Whats up Farragut family? Mark Parker here, 1962-1973, 224 york st, apt 5g. I loved growin up in the p.js. Went to tre O. I remember when they first started busing white kids into 307, dodge ball in the gym w/ mr Dan Obramowitz. I remember when they brought cows to the school yard, beggin for licorice for hours at the factory till they finally threw down packs out the window. Playin in the fire hydrant on deadmans hill, we had to fill buckets up outside to take upstairs to make kool aid, and take baths because the water pressure got so low. I can reminice on those days 4ever. Red rover, Red rover. Shout to my people: Neal Salley,Mookie/Pookie Green,Kevin Isadore, Eric/Ava Green, Tracy, Francine,Dennis,Lonnie,and Randy Kearse. Nay Nay/Florine/Ben Francis.Marty Sally, Gary Maltby, R.I.P. John Pratt, we had a couple fights back in the days. Peace and Love to all. Im out for now.

  27. Sandra Spivey Morton Says:

    I am still researching on information about Farragut from the 50’s through 70’s. Any information you may come across would be helpful….I am specificaly looking for pictures of apartments, mailboxes in the hallway, tenement houses that were across the street on York St. Any information you come across would be helpful….Thank you.

  28. Henry Quiles Says:

    Hi everyone, I lived at 224 York Street, I went to PS 287 later to PS 307, many may or not remember me, some would say I was the kid with the hole in his chest, it was a hole it is and still is a DENT…LOL technical name is Pectus Excuvatum. I hung out with Dougie Stevens Kenny aka Kosher the Gonzales family to many to mention, press for time, I would love to stay in touch with many of you. Peace be with you. I now reside in Colorado in a little town called Fruita this not a type O and I’m not making it up either. Peace be with you all.

    Henry Quiles (Key-Less)

    aka Hen
    My brother and I played guitar too.

  29. Ron James Says:

    I lived here from 1966 to 1972 at 202 york street 9c , had great times and bad times. But the memories help me grow and will be with me forever. If anyone from that floor ( Rita and Toni Alamo or Thomas brothers, Roger Felder) would love to hear from you…….

  30. Veronica Rodriguez Says:

    Rama Persaud, I am your cousin. I visited when you and your family lived in that area, once when your father had a store on Myrtle Ave. I went to nyc tech with Pamy. We are trying to contact you and your family to see everyone again. Thank you.

  31. Ralph Gonzalez Says:

    Hello my Farragut Family, My name is Ralph and I had lived at 191 Sands Street from 1958-1989. My Mother continued living there until she passed in 2004. I have very fond memories living at Farragut and of all of my old friends such as The Vega’s (3H), Acosta’s (9G), Nunez’s (6E), Schiraldi’s (6A), ,Seabrook’s (6J),Smalls (6G), Morgans (2E), Petersons (3G), Williams (1J), Rivera’s (4E), Arvelos (3E) and many others. I went to 287, 307, Sands Jr high, and then Graduated from Grady High School in 1977. I go back to Farragut from time to time and sometimes feel out of place because I hardly know anyone there anymore. I bumped into and old friends of mind who told me about the Farragut/Fort Reunion that was gonna take place in 2010. I attended the reunion and saw quite a few of my old friends. I was shock to see Joe and Mike from Barney’s (Who can ever forget them). I was shocked when they remembered my name. I plan to attend this year’s reunion (GOD WILLING) to see my old buddies again.

  32. Linda Irizarry Says:

    If there is another reunion, PLEASE post it so that I can attend with my brother Ralphie.

  33. John James Says:

    I John James lived in 190 York St, I have fine memories of playing basketball in 307 park, high st park. playing handball at 111 Park with Taboo White, Andrew Priester, Richard Carter, Joyce Cobb, Sheila McFarland, and ect. I had great times living in Farragut.

    • Roger H Simpson Says:

      Hey John, although you left me out your statement of 4/9/11, I forgive you. I was only your first friend you met when your family moved in 10B. I think it was 1967 0r 1968. You were country as a sugar sandwich then. How have you been, Hope everything is well.

      Roger Simpson 190 10H 1955-1974

    • carter Says:

      yo jj whats going on home~boy. hoping you could make it this year. u.no i have a ball each time i go. so peace out

  34. travis hallett Says:

    hello everyone, this is the infamous Travis Hallett from 191. Just taking a moment reading everyone’s entry and commemts. It really makes one think back and reflect on the good ole’ days….peace and love to all!

  35. Darryl Screven Says:

    Hello one and all, my name is Darryl Screven, my family lived at 111 Bridge street apt 6K. I remember most of people here on this site. Vivian Victor, Al Wilkins, the Spivey family. All I can say is “WOW.” We had some great times there. My family reside at 111 from 1955 until 1974. My brother Lance was always returning to the projects and keeping me informed on the latest happenings. Roger Simpson and his family are very close to me. I went to School with both David and Jeffrey. Lance married his cousin Yvette. Derrick and Billy Grady are always trying to have me attend a Farragut reunion. Man some of the names I have read, Rusty Taylor, the Peterson family. I was all over the projects back in the day. But 111 is still home, the Victors, the Ratliffs, Michael Jacocks, Dave Williams, Greg Henderson, the Hargroves to mention a few. I plan to visit this site often. God Bless you all. DScrev

    • Carol Says:

      Hi Darryl- I don’t remember your name-how old are you? Do you remember Roslyn Sander? I think she might have lived on the 6th floor. I lived in 11D with my parents and 2 sisters, Norma & Linda. Do you know us? Did you know Dennis McArthur? What was the name of the lady who lived on the first floor by the mailboxes who always got so mad at the kids who would kick her door and run away?

    • Roger H Simpson Says:

      Hey Darryl,
      Good to hear from someone who really knew the fun we had growing up in Farragut, from PS7, PS8, Sands & Rothchild JHS. We had some great times I miss Sam, Pop & Lance & of your Moms Mrs. Gertrude Screven and all the families you mentioned. Hope to see you soon. God Bless!


    • Leon White Says:

      Hey Darryl, you may not remember me. I’m Leon White. I went to school with Lance. We all were in the St. Ann’s Sea Cadets. I lived at 177 Sands St. I moved to Crown Heights in 1966, when I was 10. I hope you guys are doing well. Please tell Lance I said hello.

  36. Tina Diaz Says:

    I lived in farragut houses from 1956 to 1971- I lived in 237 nassau street apt 13E , then 7k. last Name DeJesus
    I knew luis fontanez, jose fontanez the mom mercedes, gladys fred and her children melba, joe, and wanda. also the pabons, lillian and raymond, the herberts who lived on 14E, katrina emptage her sister leona and birdie, so many people I remember, I wonder if they remember me, my sister is Migdalia de maio she lives on front street, my brothers are Joseph and Sonny. hope someone get’s in touch.

    • Orlando Santiago Says:

      Hi Tina I remember you and your family, Dina, Alice, Joseph, Sonny, Mario, I forget your younger brothers name, and the twins that used to live next door, my name is Orlando Santiago lived in 191 sands st apt 1e, say hi to the family, I saw Mario and Dina a couple of years ago when I went to visit New York. Hi to everyone on this page I do remember a lot of the people on here. God Bless you all.

    • Orlando Santiago Says:

      I believe the younger brothers were Michael and Danny.

  37. Farragut and Ingersoll Houses Says:

    […] me is the great dignity found in these paragraphs – I’ve reposted three, but follow this link to read […]

  38. Orlando Santiago Says:

    Hi Tina I remember you and your family, Dina, Alice, Joseph, Sonny, Mario, I forget your younger brothers name, and the twins that used to live next door, my name is Orlando Santiago lived in 191 sands st apt 1e, say hi to the family, I saw Mario and Dina a couple of years ago when I went to visit New York. Hi to everyone on this page I do remember a lot of the people on here. God Bless you all

  39. Orlando Santiago Says:

    My name is Orlando Santiago I was born and raise in farragut from 1964-1987, 191 Sands street 1e. I rememer the boys club, Dr. White Community Center, the gangs back then, Barneys, St Ann’s, Keyfood, the Dry Cleaners.
    The good and the bad, the bad made you or broke you, it made me.
    Hi to all, Rama and Pamy, I remember a lot of people mention and on this page. God Bless all of you.

  40. Orlando Santiago Says:

    Hi Pamy, I could never forget you and your family.

  41. Orlando Santiago Says:

    Do you remember me at all Pamy?

  42. Orlando Says:

    Pamy, how are you? How’s your family?

    • annagianfrate Says:

      i’m Anna, i’m from Italy and i’m a photographer. At the moment i’m in NYC to make a photographic project about the people that lives in the Farragut Houses, i’m in touch with Ms Forman of the seniors center and with Mr Huggies of the community center.
      I’m looking for people that lives in the Farragut to make some portraits, and i’m also interested in hearing their story. The pictures that i’m making are only form my personal project and for the school ( i study photography).
      Thank you so much,

      All the best,

  43. annagianfrate Says:

    i’m Anna, i’m from Italy and i’m a photographer. At the moment i’m in NYC to make a photographic project about the people that lives in the Farragut Houses, i’m in touch with Ms Forman of the seniors center and with Mr Huggies of the community center.
    I’m looking for people that lives in the Farragut to make some portraits, and i’m also interested in hearing their story. The pictures that i’m making are only form my personal project and for the school ( i study photography).
    Thank you so much,

    All the best,

  44. carlton(edwards) blaize Says:

    carlton(edwards)blaize Says:
    july 25, 2011 1:40am

    My name is carlton and I stumbled on this site by accident, only to see the names of people I grew up with and it brought back some good memories.Jackie and Valerie Macano, Roger Simpson, Linda Rice. the Hopkins on the 8th floor in 190 York st. and many others as I checked out the postings.So to those of you out there please feel free to drop me a line. Peace

  45. Gina Romero Says:

    Hello all,my name is Gina Romero,i lived in Farragut back in 1957-1973.i lived in Bldg 177 Sands Street on the 13th floor.i can truley say that i have nothing but fond memories of my childhood there,even though when my parents decided to move me and my sisters and brothers to the south to get us in a better enviroment, i still missed being with all my friends,it was somewhat a culture shock for me but,i don’t have any regrets for the experiece that i had living in the south.but here recentley i have been in contact with my best friend Ms.desiree Rhyming…Omg me and her have been friends forever and just by coincidence my father was working at the VA hospital in durham N.C.and was talking about when he lived in N.Y. and and caught the attention of one of his co-workers and they struck up a conversation ,and from that point on they started to name people that they new.and low and behold she mentioned my best friends name! and from that point on me and desiree contacted oneanouther.it has been like 40 plus years since we talked,and now we are in contact all the time.thank God for moderned technology..cell phone,texting and especially the internet!!! so now she’s telling me that there is gonna be a fortgreene faragut reunion!!! omg..well even though i live in Las Vegas i am surley gonna do my best to try and be there,not only me but my sister Valeree and one of my brothers also,oh this would be so Awesome!!!! so i hope that i will be able to see some of my wonderful friends that i still call my (FAMILY) if anyone that reads this can remember the Romero family from 177 please contact me @ ginagarrett22@yahoo.com i would love hearing from you.God bless and peace to all of you…much love!!!!!

    • Leon White Says:

      Hi Gina, I lived in 177 apt. 12-B from 1955 – 1965 (from birth to 10 yrs old). My first and best friend was Eugene Washington (have been looking for him for years) he lived in 12-C. Another friend was Allen Gant I think he lived on your floor 13-A or maybe 14. Sorry, your name is just slightly familiar.

  46. Diddy!! Says:

    Aug 16, 2011 1:30 p.m. Tuesday

    Gerard Carter! What’s Up!
    192 Sands Street
    Believe! been over 40+ years!!
    Tell “T Bone” hello for me!
    Yes we used to live and hang
    in Farragut projects (192)
    The place was a different world then!
    Hope all is ok the family! etc!!

    I have been back it’s a whole new
    generation met a few folks been to one
    of the reunions briefly in 2010 August!
    Take care JohnB better known as
    “Diddy” Yep! Yep! the Original! Diddybug!!

    50’S 60’S 70’S A DIFFERENT WORLD!

    • carter Says:

      yo diddy whats happing we lived on the same floor in 192. its ben years man. i seen your brother at the last reunion. sharmen. we talked for a long time. hope to see you at the next ones. peace & love rich~carter

  47. Kene J. Rosa Says:

    This is Kenneth Rosa of the Rosa family that first moved to 190 York (4H) in 1956 then to 202 York (14H) in 1960-something. My siblings were Danny (Diplo), Jeannette, Douglas, Ralphie and Odette. My father was Pedro (Pete the plumber) and our mother was Rafaela.
    I hear all the stories of the gentrification of the projects and that area that surrounds it and it boggles my mind. We had unobstructed views of Manhattan that people are paying a fortune for now. Many of the names in the postings are familiar. I remember my family being close with the Mercado family (Anna & Roberto) and the Morales family (Anna and Carmelo) and the Ferrans (Nellie and Manolo) and our next door neighbors, the Febrez’s (Blackie and I forget mom’s name, 14 kids, though) I guess we all had little pockets of friends that overlapped with many others living there. I left in 1971 to live with my big sister (Doris) in Crown Heights. My brothers and sisters kept the $49.00 a month apartment until they broke up somewhere in the 1980’s(?) Danny was planning to go to the reunion this year 2011,Jeannette still lives in Brooklyn,Douglas and Ralphie have died, as have our parents. Odette lives in the Bronx, where I lived for 19 years before moving to Los Angeles. Believe me, you meet the same type of shady people on Rodeo Drive as you do on York Street! Farragut prepared me! The projects at one point was a haven, then after Lourdes Bass was killed, it seemed to go down hill slowly. By the time I left it was still fun to hang out all night in the summer and drink Boone’s Farm Apple wine and be in the Johnnie pump. Doing our ‘Murray the K” shows (breaking bottles) under the bridge is always a good thing to remember. Nobody has mentioned the old Fox theatre where the gas company is now and the wonderful movie houses (single screens) The Albee, the Lowe’s Metropolitan, the Paramount and the most famous the “Mighty Mo'”(Majestic) It was a shame to hear that both P.S.7 and St. Ann’s are no longer existing. St. Ann’s held so many memories for so many people. I heard it crumbled during renovations. Most likely old Father Collins was still telling the girls to “cover your heads, in Church!” and the bricks could not bear that any more! I can still remember what it looked like inside and remember the events in the basement. I think the person writing the book should contact as many people as possible and get their stories. I think it will make enough for a few books. I went to school with Jeffrey Simpson. I still have the little party invitation to a party for him in 1965(?) I often laugh to myself at the idea of (me) from the projects in Beverly Hills. I feel like George Jefferson! WEEZY, Where are you? To be continued…

    • Lourdes Mercado Young Says:

      Hi, Im Lourdes Mercado -daugher of Roberto and Ana Mercado of 202 York Street, apt 1k

      I remember you and your family and you were right our families were close, do you remembe us, my three brothers Tomas, Louie and Robert -my four sisters, manuela Raquel, Syvia and Yolanda.
      Im in California have been for 30 years
      Please contact me, I would like to hear from you

      • Kene J. Rosa Says:

        Hi, Lourdes! Great to hear from you. I live in Los Angeles, Miracle Mile district (Fairfax) and I am listed in the phone book. You can get my number that way. Our mothers were really good friends. I am sure they would be happy to have us talk. You know Yolanda and I went from PS 7 all the way to Rothschild JHS together. I once heard she worked for the Post office? I remember all of you! Best, Kene J. Rosa

      • Elizabeth Mattos Delgado Says:

        Lourdes Hi. I’m Liz Mattos we were at Sands Jr. High School together. I lived at 237 Nassau St. i remember our time together so well.

    • Joseph Chesson Says:

      Hi Kene,

      I stumbled on this page by accident on Farragut Houses (Housing Projects) because my cousins lived there and i use to visit them often. And what really caught my eye was the mentioning of my cousin whom i never met… Lourdes Bass. I learned about her death many years later. My name is Joseph Chesson. Did you go back to Farragut often? Did you hang out with any of my cousins? Peter, Benny or Boyla?

      It’s so weird when we as strangers cross paths and it never comes to our minds… if that person knew somebody that knew somebody else that knew a family member?

      I visited Los Angeles in 2007 for a Screenwriters Showcase in Studio City. I spent a few days with my good friend Cliff and his family who lived in Miracle Mile.

      I am writing a third screenplay and plan on visiting Los Angeles agin on e day.

      Drop me a line sometime? chessonjoseph@aol.com

      Hope things are well with you and the family. Peace & happiness always!

      ~ Joseph

  48. Kene J. Rosa Says:

    By the way, I remember Linda Croskey’s mother, Harriet and her “Card Parties” She was a hoot! No more people like that around, sadly!

  49. Mark Brown Says:

    My name is Mark Brown. I lived in 190 York Street, (Apt# 5A then 4H) from 1964 until 1976, but still hung in the projects like I still lived there until the mid 80’s. I have two bothers (Pop and Manny) and one sister (Michelle). As I look back, living in the PJ’s was one of the greatest experiences of my entire like. It actually help develop me. More importantly it taught me one of life’s essentials, survival skills. Winters were good, summers where even better. Here are just a few of my memories. Barney’s Hero, Playing Basketball and Football in 307, The Toy factory (in fact, all the factories), The 234 Center, Dr Whites, the Boys Club, and all the mischief in the Brooklyn Heights. Seems like there was always something popin in PJ’s. The memories are endless and a life long treasure, to say the least. Big ups to the entire Farragut crew, past and present.

    • Kene J. Rosa Says:

      Dear Mark Brown, your family must have moved into 4H right after my family moved from there to 202 apt 14H. Our mother passed away in 1968 and I moved to Crown heights by 1971 or 2. Your upstairs neighbors still must have been the Ferran family. I guess a lot of us have the same memories. Best, KJR

    • Joyce Cobb Says:

      hey mark this is Joyce 190 1J how r u and the family how is Pop and Manny so sorry to here about your mom well i am the only left in my family tell everyone i said hello .

  50. carltonedwardsCarlton Blaize Says:

    What’s up Kene? How is your family? I use to go out with your sister Odette.Hope everyone is well please give them my best.

    • Kene J. Rosa Says:

      Dear Carlton, Odette still lives in the Bronx. A grandmother a few times over and married to the same guy for over 30 years. She’s had a rough time, but she’s tough. My brothers Douglas and Ralphie as well as our father have died. My sister Jeannette now lives in Brooklyn and is also a grandma. My brother Danny is in Philadelphia. I live in Los Angeles. I’ve been here for 12 years now. I have no intentions of moving back East to suffer heat in the summer and freezing cold in the winter. I hope your family are ok. I remember your cousin(?) Harvey and you had a little sister too?

  51. carltonedwardsCarlton Blaize Says:

    Hey Mark how is your family? I remember your family. Your mother Ivy as well as your brothers. Hope you are all well. We lived in apt. 7K in 190York st. The Edwards family me, Harvey and Angel. Its good to hear of people from so long ago it brings back memories when Farragut wasn’t as crazy as it had become in the past several years.

  52. Glenn Says:

    if any one knows what happened to Rita Williams who had a younger brother Toni who lived in 191 Sands St on the 7 floor send me any info to Glenntowin@aol.com… I am a friend of the family and would love to know what happened to them… Thanks

  53. Carol Meeusen Says:

    Just wanted to remind everyone there is a Farragut Houses group on Facebook. Lost of great photographs and memories.

  54. Rochelle-Drake Williams Says:

    My name is Rochelle Drake-Williams (aka roach), I lived in farragut from 1954-1979 in 191 apt. 12C. I went to P.S.287,P.S.307, Sands J.H.,John Dewey H.S., College etc..
    My siblings are Yvette, George, Douglas,Tyrone and Liz (Itbit). I remembered meeting my father at the Brooklyn Navy Yard when he got off of work when I was a small child. hundreds of men used to come out of the Navy Ship Yard. I have so many fond memories going to Farragut community Center, St. Ann’s Church, Dr. White and the Open door Church. I used to love to eat barnes “Hero” sandwiches, they wre the best!
    I was touched by many of your comments you made about all of your memories you had while living in farragut. I was reliving the moments I shared width you and some of your family members as well. Wow! look at us now. May our memories live on. take care.-Rochelle.

    • Gary Hendricks Says:

      Hey Rochelle, this is Gary Hendricks 191 13-G, Wow its been a long time and I often as about Douglas (Dougie), George and Tyrone. Hows Yvette doing and yes Liz.

  55. carltonedwardsCarlton Blaize Says:

    Hi Rochelle I remember you and your brothers. I use to hangout with Michael King in 190 York st. Harvey is my brother.

  56. Rochelle Says:

    Hi Carlton, I spoke to my brother Tyrone and he said “How are you and your brother doing? He lives in Columbus, Georgia.-Rochelle

  57. carltonedwardsCarlton Blaize Says:

    Hey Rochelle, tell your brother Tyrone we are all good and I hope he’s doing good also.


    To Henry Morris(Dukie)
    Hi, yes I remember you where are you now. Unfortunately at 61 years old the memory has started to fade. What where your siblings names? Keep in touch either here or on facebook. I will tell my brother Phil that I chatted with you.


      Hi Dukie

      I did let Phil know that I had chatted with you, but now I want to let you know that Phil passed away 3 weeks ago unexpectedly. Keep us in your prayers/

  59. Richard Duillo Says:

    My name is Richard Duillo and I lived at 192 Sands Street apt 1E. The projects were new at the time and I think we were the first family to occupy our apartment. I think it was about 1953 and we moved to a better area in Flatbush in 1958. I went to PS 7. I remember the Gold theater was across the street where my mother worked as a cashier. The freeway was not built yet. I used to shine shoes in front of the YMCA which was a couple of blocks from the Brooklyn Navy yard. I have fond memories about those times. We were poor as most of us were in the projects. There was a family on the second floor with a group of brothers that I hung around with. Johnny, Billy, Michael and others that I don’t remember. I think their last name was Sotello. There were also sisters named June and Lori. Wow what great memories.

  60. Steve Hendricks Says:

    You know it doesnt matter where you go on this earth, you are likely to run into someone from farragut. I visit Savannah ,Ga and went to a club. Met a young lady. She asked me where I was from and I said New York. She stated she used to live in New york in 191 Sands St. 13th floor. The blood began to rush through my body. She said she use to live with A woman named Ms. Carrie. I began to choke when I told her that was my mother. She exclaimed th at she was my cousin which I hadnt seen since childhood. The last place I expected to see her at ,was Georgia as she had always lived in Miami. Thank God for miracles.

  61. Linda Simpson Says:

    Sitting here with slyvia smith she would like to know what happened to butchie smith 237 , she was in the riverside drummers. Hey I lived in 190 and I used to babysit for ivy and sissy

  62. Mark Brown Says:

    Hey Linda, Mark Brown here. Ivvy’s oldest son. Yes you did babysit me and by bothers back in the days. Just wanted to reach out and say thanks and what ‘s up! Unfortunately, my mom passed a few month back. Tell Roger and the family hello.

    • Linda crowell Says:

      was so shocked to hear about your Mom’s passing , was she sick and was she still living in new york? Oh I am so sorry to hear that my heart felt sympathy for you and your family how is everyone and where is everyone located. look for me on fb
      such memories

  63. Roger H Simpson Says:

    Happy Holiday Farragut Family!

  64. Luis Esteban Says:

    I used to sell crack there. Not a bad place. Cops did not hassle you. Residents were fearful. Good place to do business, if you know what I mean

  65. stanley lewis Says:

    I also lived in 190 great fun I would like too hear some of the crew R.Simpson,S.Stancil,B.Paige,Webb, sanford,David White,..Kemps Ps7&287 Armand hill,ira ,katrina,etc..

    • stanley lewis Says:

      Soo much fun I knew so many families . I was there 1958-1964 apt 12j 190 Stanley Lewis.

    • Gregory page Says:

      Hi my name is Gregory Page and Buddy Page is my brother he use to hangout with Webb in 190 York st. actually our family use to live in190 then we moved to 202.

  66. stanley lewis Says:

    Looking for roger Simpson or Carlton anyone from 190between1958-1964

  67. Gregory page Says:

    Hello my farragut family my name is Gregory Page I grew in farragut I live in 190 york st. then our family moved to 202 york st. I went to p.s.307 and sands jhs my mother name was Martha Page,my father Craven Page,my brother Buddy Page,my sister Darlene,Denise and my brother Carlton(HUBBA BUBBA) He use to work at pioneer I had lots of fun growing up in farragut going to the Boys Club when it first opened up,playing boxball,skelly,basketball at high st.,or dusty shady rest,I remember Barneys had the best heros and I loved there fresh glazed donuts in the morning shout to Mike&Joe!

    • Joyce Cobb Says:

      hi Gregory this is Joyce who use to hang out with Denise from 190 york how r u doin i still live there and i am on facebook i stay in touch with Denise your sister tell Carlton i said hello good to hear from you hope to hear from you soon take care of yourself .

  68. R. DeRego Says:

    I am trying to locate an address, 177 Sands Street, Suite 2 J, Brooklyn. I understand that is the Farragut Houses. That address is a business address (for a magazine publishing corporation). Could that be possible? I looked online and saw there are only apartment numbers, not suite numbers at Farragut. Does anyone know if that address is where someone lives–or is it a business? Thanks!

  69. laverte mcdonald Says:

    Omg how wonderful to read all those great letters from all the Farragut citizens. I lived at 191 sands apt 12g I am the oldest of the McDonald kids. My family was the first to move into 12g and my mom is still there my sister Joyce is part of the open door family. I remember when Lourdes Bass died, It was a classmate of mine that killed her,used to remember his name but now its gone.PS7 PS8 287 Sands JH BOYSHIGH Have been in San Francisco for the past 26 years.Michelle Newsom was a classmate.So great reading all those memories.Willie Laverte Mcdonald

    • Linda Irizarry Ellis Says:

      James Rooks killed Lourdes. I lived right next door to him. My mother remembered that his mother came to our house crying when he was arrested. Mom is gone now since 1996. We were shocked that a killer lived right next door. I remember your sister Joyce. She was in my class at PS 287. She used to sing with Judy Robinson and Minnie Knight. They were gifted singers. I heard that they had a brief singing career. I read Janet’s book “Project Girl”.

      • Victor Jr. (aka Junie) Says:

        Hi Linda, I believe the guy’s name was James “Brooks”. He was a crazy guy around the neighborhood. I was young when it happened, but I remember him throwing her off the roof.

  70. bridget dickerson Says:

    hello the dickerson from 224 apt 13a……my parents lived their from 1958 to 2000

  71. David Simpson Says:

    Hi I’m David Simpson of 190 York St. Apt 10-H, I lived there from 1952-1971 when I join the Air Force. Reading these stories really took me back. I remember a lot of people mention here. So glad I found this page to reminisce. Thanks for sharing

    • Gary Hendricks Says:

      Sup, I’m Gary Hendricks 191 Sands 13-G, You may remember Robert and Clifton Stephenson who went to Sands JHS. My sister Brenda married Robert. I remember you use to come to our house parties and my mother (R.I.P) had this stick with a dog head she would chase anyone who was disruptive..

  72. Iris Wheels Says:

    Hi this for Rodger Simpson who is this Iris Wells you are talking about. I lived in 191 my name is Iris but my last name is not Wells . Where would I know u from ? Just Wondering ??????

  73. Kimberley Penamon Says:

    Check this out! It was good and bad just like anywhere else. I lived in 191 Sands and I loved my neighbors on the 14th floor and people on other floors back in the day. PS307 even hired me as a substitute art teacher. It was all my family could afford at the time but at least it wasn’t an orphanage, group home… I even worked at the daycare across from Barney’s one summer. Life is what you make it. I’m glad to hear some of us made it okay. I remember the elevator not working but I also remember the block parties too. The snack truck that sold more than ice cream, shady rest, Dr. White and buying candy at Barney’s for my friends to pass thru the PS 307 playground gate when I played up sick.

  74. Kimberley Penamon Says:

    This is a shout out! Drakes, McQuillas, Clarke, Robinson, Clouds, Barney’s, Parker, Jackson’s, Durants, Walker, Barksdale, Refores, Farrow, Townsend, Santiago, Rias, Ruffin, Witherspoon, Hendricks, Blunt, Williams, The laundry room ladies, St. Ann Church, Barney’s Store, Folks in the rent office building who thought they ran sh**t, Bldg 202, Deadman Hill folks, Plastic Factory for all the jump ropes, Hebrew School, Fort Greene, City Park, Shady Rest, Dr. White, The 37 Bus, The folks who kept naming their german shepard’s King and Queen, York St park, If I left anyone out my bad. God Bless you all.

    • Gary Hendricks Says:

      Hey Kim, The family who had the German Shepard was the Schraldi’s 6A and Mrs Sally from 224 ran the laundrymat. It’s been a minute…Peace

  75. Rochelle Says:

    Good News ! Saturday, August 18, 2012 at 2:00 PM Farragut is going to have their 4th Annual Oldtmers Reunion at the old City Park. You can go on “Ft.Green/Farragut oldtimers reunion” site to see slides of previous years. I would love to see all of you. Kimberly I have such good memories of your family. I hope you can come to the reunion.

  76. Rochelle Says:

    If anybody see Joanne Simmons from 237 let her know I’ve been looking for her. I will be at the farragut reunion 8/18/12 at the old city park.
    see you soon !




  78. Carmen M. Says:

    Hi I was looking for some pictures of the Farragut Projects and came across this one. This is where I lived. 192 Sand St. Apt. 6G. As I read on I came across Pat Doyle. A long lost friend of mine her name was Pat Doyle. My name is Carmen they called me Sis when I was going to Sands Jr. High. I Belonged to one of the clubs at St. James Church (The Misticles). My brother Manny was in the Chaleses. He hung out a lot with a guy in the same building called Archie. I thing he lived on the 12 floor. Would love to hear from you. CARMEN

  79. Barbara Says:

    Hi to all, the contents existing at this website are genuinely remarkable for people knowledge, well, keep up the good work fellows.

  80. E Diaz Says:

    Does anyone have a picture of ps 7? I left 190 york st apt 8c back in 1969. Please post one.Thank You in advance.

    • Dr. Harriet Croskey Says:

      I heard P.S. 7 (as well as St. Ann’s church) was torn down. I can see that building and the yard on the side of it as though it were yesterday. The big wide, bright stairway as you entered the front door (which wasn’t the usual entrance); the auditorium where I played the role of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz; Mrs. Porter walking through the hall with a yard stick; the brick (I think it was painted a light green) basement where we did everything from taking class photos, to air-raid shelter exercises during the Cuban Missile Crisis. However, I don’t remember a cafeteria . . . just cookies or pretzel rods & milk sold in the classrooms.

  81. richard Duillo Says:

    Carmen M, I wrote a comment on 11-5-2011 (Richard Duillo). I also lived at 192 Sand St. but I moved out in 1958. Were you there at that time. If so I’m sure we crossed paths. Let me know.



    Juanita Garcia 190 has passed along with Diane Cherry Ilean Webb Ruby Webb Chubby Webb Ricky and Freddie and Shirlee Simpson of 190 MaryAlice Cheeks all of 190 fond memories of loved lostt Stanley Cromwell 237 who remembers Mr Douglas and Miss Anna of the Willouby House are am I the youngest person on the sight lol


    Does anyone have any pics of Nita or Ray Garcia 190

  84. Michele creque Says:

    My family name is Creque. I was born and resided at 192 sands street apt5a from 1959 to 1972. I have a lot of fond memories living in Farragut projects

  85. Dr. Harriet Croskey Says:

    Yesterday while googling to see if I could “picture” where the Barclay Center was located, I decided to google Farragut for some odd reason and came upon this site for which the first responder in 2008 is that of my sister – Linda. So, I read half of the responses yesterday and finished today; I figured that if it went into 2012 I was going to add my two cents. I lived at 202 York Street #9F from 1953 until about 1971 when I left for college. I grew up with an unobstructed view of sunrises as one of my bedroom windows faced that portion of the Brooklyn Navy Yard over by deadman’s hill. (Of course, in retrospect we know that it wasn’t a hill at all but it sure seemed like one when we pranced around with soda cans stuck under our shoes. (What was that about? I don’t remember if we were pretending to have on high heel shoes or tap dancing shoes!) We use to make-up all kinds of games . . . if the ball hit the church while playing (I forget what they called it something akin to baseball sans a bat) it was a home run. Neighbors on the opposite side of the circular hallway (ours went through) had unobstructed views of the Manhattan skyline. I was a little perturbed to learn that my elementary school PS 7 as well as St. Anns’s church (wherein I did the Brownie and Girl Scouts thing) was torn down. I was at PS 7 when they integrated it with PS 8. Ms. Falotico was my 2nd grade teacher. I don’t do the facebook thing but I’ve heard there are a few pics on facebook sent by old friends of Farragut. I remember you’d get a $5 fine for being on the grass. My friends and I (i.e., Deanie, Leona, Jean, Yvonne, Rosilyn, etc.) used to have what I term coop picnics. One person brought the packet of koolaid, another brought the sugar, etc. (Notice I said brought as opposed to bought . . . we were taking that stuff out of Mother’s kitchen.) We would spread a blanket on the grass and had a good time until somebody yelled “cops” then you had to scurry over the fence before they caught you. Well, I can go on and on. I remember being embarassed about going down to the truck to pick-up the government cheese, and that powered milk was terrible. In those days, you weren’t suppose to have amenities like phones, washing machines (or a man for that matter!) I remember my Mother hiding the phone in the close when a case worker came only to have it ring anyway . . . ha! (Of course, we weren’t laughing then.) Perhaps the thing that had an affect on me in a positive way was the fact that you couldn’t get away with stuff. That is, we had a lot of what I call – Second Moms. They’d “correct” you sans hesitation and then when your Mother found out you got “corrected” again. The thing that had an affect on me in a negative way was the killing of Lourdes Bass. The spirit of fear is of the devil and for a significant number of years I still shuddered when hearing that song: “up on the roof”. I remember the onslaught of the drug thing which had an opposite affect on me in that I was determined not to go that route. I think the pros and cons of that life experience sort of put me in a place where I am not able to see myself as a person who is better than anyone else but rather as a person who took advantage of opportunities. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow. I moved to the mid-west right after college because I had to work for a living. Therefore, I went where the job was. So, I lived in the outskirts of Chicago for four years (the borough of Brooklyn alone is the size of the Chicago); and moved to Milwaukee, WI in 1980. I miss NYC but I love it here . . . nice quality of life. (They think they are a “city”; they think they have crime. ha! Peace . . . Harriet

    • Alice Says:

      Dr Harriet. I also remember digging our heels in soda cans to be high heels. It was fun, probably needed a lot of escape living in those hellish projects.

  86. James Huffman Says:


  87. James Blackmon Says:

    Hi Mark Brown
    I’m laughing as I write this..you once tied up your girlfriend, Annette Powell to a pillar with a jump rope in the basement of P.S. 8. You once found $30 and treated me to a miniature car from A&S. I’ll never forget you. And you laughed at me for going to the bathroom in the bidet at Bobby’s house at Cadman Plaza, and peeing on the floor! LOL… I KNOW you remember this! You were one of the sweetest, toughest, littlest guys I’ve ever met. Hope to see you. — James Blackmon (111 Bridge St.)

  88. carter Says:

    a big hello from RICHARD CARTER. i grew up in farragut. 192 sands st. had alot of bad & good times in farragut. met alot of friends down there. watching the hard ball. baseball games. between 233 & 224. played in the soft ball games by 111. ~ ( 192 METS ). played alot of hand ball. & most of all. played a lot of football with the guys down there. i made it to the last ( 3 ) reunions. & cant wait for the next one……flash back……the soft ball games …190 MR MARK BROWN 111 ~ MR ICE CREAM. would smack home run. all day long. R~ MURPHY. smack hard balls. in the navy yard. over the wall & the basketball games. in farragut c.c. we lost a lot of people. friends. as the years went by. jest to see all the people from back in the days. wow. all i can do is injoy the time. this where i grew up at. & the flash backs are all we have……..ha ha ha. we all had our times in farragut……..life is to short……..peace & love from RICHARD CARTER…..THE TEMPTATIONS & VIKINGS U.NO…….

    • Ronald Bullock Says:

      Richard, it’s Ronnie Bullock of 192 Sands 3E. Miss you and Billy!

    • Rick Says:

      Hey Richard Carter, I still remember the song you made about the Mooses and the Paynes. It goes like this..” Late at night the middle of the night the Mooses and Paynes come out to fight, the Carters too to pay thier dues next thing you know the Mooses have no shoes, I got a Payneeeee” Remember those lyrics you wrote???

  89. sp Says:

    233 rip Lucas free la killa and li and all the good guys

  90. Alice Says:

    Hi, my name is Alice. I lived with my family at 111 Bridge Street in the Farragut Housing Projects from 1952 to 1962. It really was a hard place to grow up. I always want to visit if I come back to NY just to remind myself of what it was like growing up there. I lived on the second floor and always had to step over a bum in a dark hallway (no light on). There were men fighting with broken bottles in front of the building and bums under the Manhattan Bridge where I walked to school. Girls were brazen, showing their bras entering the building. The elevator didn’t always work. I was frightened a lot. Thank goodness for the catholic school down the way which I attended. But I do remember playing handball against the building, jumping double dutch with the african american girls and doing hand jives. Those were fun things. We need to remember where we came from so we can be thankful for the blessings we have now!

    • Junie from 234 Sands Says:

      Hey Linda, I wanted to ask was it the same bum every day or a different one?

      Junie Perez

      • Linda Irizarry Says:

        Hi Junie, This is Linda Irizarry. How are you and the other Perez brothers? How is Migdalia?

      • Junie from 234 Sands Says:

        Hi Linda:

        How are you? I hope you are doing well. I’ve been meaning to write to you for quite some time. The Perez brothers are all doing well thanks. Migdalia is doing okay at her usual location. I can’t talk to her cause she’s out of it, but other than that she’s hanging in there. How’s your family doing? Your sister & Ralfhie hope are doing well. I am in Texas selling my home. I may be moving to Georgia. I’ll be closer to you. Stay well and in touch.

        Warmest regards,

      • Linda Irizarry Says:

        Hi, thanks for writing. I am glad that everyone is well. We are all fine. Georgia is very nice. I have family (cousins) living in Kennesaw. They have been there nearly 20 years since they left Queens. My sister Olga lives in South Carolina not far from Charleston. It is beautiful there and can be driven to in about 11 hours. God luck with the sale of your home.
        best regards,

  91. lillian Negron Johnson Says:

    I am Lillian Negron Johnson

    Hey everyone, I truly came to this page by accident and I was amazed at all the comments. I lived in Farragut since 1952. I lived in 111 Bridge, 192, and since 1958 190 all the way! We were the Negron Family in apt. 2H. I had 5 brothers and 1 sister. Bernie, Frankie, Johnny, Eddie, Pito (Carlos) and Minerva. I am Lillian. If you are interested, this year the Farragut/Fort Green reunion will be held on August 18th, 2014 at City Park. There is also a smaller version on August 2nd on Nassau Street Between Navy & Gold Streets in front of the rent building area. I moved out in 1971 when I got married and my mom lived there until 2005 when she passed. There is also a Farragut Houses Page on FB that you may join, and a St. James Reunited Page! Hope to see you on the pages or at the reunion!

    • Junie Perez Says:

      Hi Lillian:

      I am Junie Perez I knew your brother Frankie he used to hang out with my older brother Hector aka Cholo Perez. My other brother is Robert younger brother David. Glad to see you on here although I don’t think I met you. My condolences on your mom and dad. I lost mine too a while back. Stay well and regards to the rest of your family.

      Warmest regards,
      Junie aka Victor Jr.

  92. victor apache Says:

    trying to locate old sucide gang members herman hazel zuma magoo

    • Victor Perez Says:

      Man the Suicide gang and it’s members are all long gone. Raymond Pabon was a junior member he may still be in Farragut.

      Sent from my iPhone


  93. Leon White Says:

    Sorry, but I only recognized one name here. I lived there from birth until I was 10. (1955 – 1965). 177 Sands St. I attended PS 7 from kindergarten end of 2nd grade then for some reason my parents had me bus to PS 164. These are the people I remember: my first and best friend Eugene Washington and his family, Allen Gant brother Elton, David, Billy same bldg, The Lucas family (they were all very tall), Jesse and brother David? All same bldg, In 111 Lance Scriven and brother Darryl. I’m at a loss of names now, but have thought about these people over the years.

    • Sharon Winstead Says:

      Hi I am very amazed at all of this. I happened to land on this site by pure accident and when I recognized my old residents i started reading. I am much younger than most, but I remember some of the names of the families that were mentioned. My older brother was named Gary Winstead, our family lived at 177 Sand Street Apt 7J. I moved away in 78 and my older brother remained. I recognized Leon White, the Lucas family (the very tall family, lol .. good description and someone mentioned Al Wilkins and sister Valerie Wilkins. Thanks!

  94. Stanley lewis Says:

    Stanlew.53@gmail.comn my Gmail. To any of folks I know from 190. I lived in 12 J there were families like kemps.stancil.simpsons.webb.grants.sanfords. I went to ps7.and 287.armond hill.stan banks.janet mcdonald.kim parker.list too long but we all had great times no matter what building.my name is Stanley lewis 12j 190.like to hear from some of my old project fam.

  95. David Says:

    Hi Victor, do you stay in touch with Raymond Pabon? The Suicide Mau Maus (later just the Suicides), killed a Fort Greene Chaplain in August 1961. The Suicides were a small gang and broke up after that killing. My email is david@vanpelt.on.ca

    I’m emailed Magoo a few years ago but his email address no longer works.

  96. victor nieves Says:

    any one who remembers me apache email me

    vittynieves@gmail.com would love to hear from you

    • Junie Perez Says:

      Hello Victor aka Apache:

      How are you? You would not believe this, but I’ve been holding a conversation with a gentleman named David Van Pelt who lives in Canada that is from Farragut. David mentioned your name in our conversation. We were discussing the MauMau that was killed in front of P.S. 287 back in 1961. He was there and so were a few of us. I will give David your email address and hopefully he will reach out to you. Meanwhile, try to stay on here so that others can join in on the conversation. Hope all is well with you. Don’t know if you knew Hector, Robert, Junie, Migdalia, Evelyn Perez from 234 Sands. I’m the middle one Junie. Pleasure chatting with you. Please stay in touch.

      Best regards,
      Junie aka Victor Perez, Jr.

      • Linda Ellis Says:

        Merry Christmas to all the Perez family and the Farragut community! I hope that you are well. How is Migdalia? I think of her often.
        warm regards,

      • Junie Perez Says:

        Hey Lovely lady, Linda:

        How are you? Thank you very much for the well wishes, wishing you and family the best as always. May you guys have a warm & healthy Christmas and new year. Linda, I’ve been holding a conversation with a gentleman from Canada which you probably saw. We were discussing the murder in front of P.S. 287 back in 1961 do you remember? Linda, don’t think I have your email address I can send you pictures of Migdalia. Hope all is well with you and family. You can write to me at: adiL11214@yahoo.com.

        Warmest regards,
        Junie aka Victor

  97. Linda Ellis Says:

    my email address is lirizarryellis@aol.com. I would really LOVE pictures!

  98. Lillian Says:

    @Junie Perez, Mery Christmas, Happy New Year! I just read your common about my brother Frankie. I also know Hector & Robert so well, I love those two! Last time I saw them was the year before last at the St.James reunion. Frankie is good and I most certainly will let him know that you asked about him. I want to tell you that I have been talking with David Pelt also and so has my brother. Sorry I did not get to meet you but it is probably because you are very much younger than me. You can find me on FB and Frankie too.

  99. Lillian Negron Johnson Says:

    Junie, if you look for my FB page I am under Lillian Negron Johnson.

    • Victor Perez Says:

      Okay Lillian will do. In the event you don’t recognize me it’s an image of Zorro under Vic Perez.

      Warmest regards, Junie

      Sent from my iPhone


  100. willjwrightblog Says:

    Wow! I am sorry I am just now seeing this. I’m William J. Wright who lived in 191 with my mom Mildred and two sisters Geraldine and Beverly. We were among the first families to move into Farragut and I left in 1973 when I finished college. The rest of the family moved out in phases years later. We’re now scattered all across the country. I have nothing but love for the time I lived in Farragut. The Boy Scouts at the Church of the Open Door, The Riversiders Jr. Drum and Bugle Corps with the nuns at Dr. White Community Center, The Shady Rest, City Park, PS287, Sands Jr. High, the great snowball fights, the absolutely committed friendships, inter-building rivalries in athletics on the large expanses of grass, riding my bike (what I thought was super fast) around Dead Man’s Hill, watching the BQE being built while the Navy Yard transformed. So many memories, so little time! Hit me up on Twitter @willjwright or follow me on WordPress willwrightblog.wordpress.com. I would love to hear from you!

    • Roger Simpson Says:

      Hey Will. My family was from 190 York St. we are the Simpson’s you probably know my older brother Rick and my sister Linda. I read and enjoyed your post.

  101. Kene J. Rosa Says:

    Hey Roger, I’m Kenneth Rosa from 190 and 202. I still have the invite to your 10th (?) 1964/65 birthday party. We had a few grades together at P.S.7. You may get two of these, Best, Kene

  102. Lillian Negron Johnson Says:

    Hey Kene J. Rosa, How are you? I am Lillian Negron from 190 2H. I know you remember me, you shot my wedding pictures. I would not have any if it were not for you! 🙂
    I hope all is good with you. I know you are in Cali. I have been there 3 times because my son resides there. Best regards,

  103. Kene J. Rosa Says:

    Dear Lillian, You don’t have to introduce yourself! We were like family! My brother, Danny and yours, Johnny hung out all the time. Danny (who now lives in Philly) asks every time about your brother. Yes, we remember the long summer nights hanging out by the open johnny pump and at the little park on the swings. I remember you were always singing that Billy Stewart song; Strange Feelings, that had a line that sounded like piruling. You were always singing that. I found an old Stewart album a few years back and that song came on and I saw you in your pachanga shirt and short pants just singing away. Yes, I did take your wedding pictures. Our Lady of The Presentation Church in Bed-Stuy? Those were so different times then. I remember your dad, (Pai) who was a Merchant Marine and I still have the stopper (a glass head) from a bottle of perfume he brought back for my mother from France. I remember us hanging out with the Ferrans, Chiny and my sister Odette I believe are still friends. We have all gotten so old. How did that happen? We talk about the “good ol’ days” and I think for all of the “nothing” that all of us had, we had good ol days! I would not want to be a kid in this day and age. I’m still not on Face Book and all that stuff. I moved to Los Angeles 16 years ago to work in Beverly Hills. I’ve been retired for some years now and I do not miss the heat and the cold of New York. I do miss the City, though but I have had my fill of going back and forth. My sisters, Jeannette and Odette still live in New York. Douggie and Ralphie died and my father, Pete The Plumber died in Philly. Time has passed but some times that sting of nostalgia comes back and I guess we choose to remember the fun we had. Life is too short to waste on the bad stuff. We had a lot of fun with Minerva as the “Queen of The Steeplechase” So, when in L.A. look me up, I’m listed and I live in the (now) trendiest part of L.A. This is truly a paradise. Never too hot, never, ever cold and when they complain here about humidity, I tell folks: “go to New York in July and August!” Stay well and I too, still have your wedding pictures! Love, Kene J. Rosa

  104. lillian Negron Johnson Says:

    Dear Kene J. Rosa, I just found this reply from you and I was so happy to see that you responded. Right now I am looking at everything because I am trying to put everything that is important on my new PC. When I transfer my stuff I will write you again. You have made my day!!!! Love, Lillian

  105. Lillian Negron Johnson Says:

    Dear Kene J. Rosa, I think that if you are on Facebook it would be easier to message me on there because I get it right away. On here it takes forever and the last post was in August and I think it takes so much time in between for the responses here. I do not want to lose being in touch with you. Like you said we are like family, In fact we are family!!!! Love and blessings sent your way!

  106. Lillian Negron Johnson Says:

    Dear Michelle, I knew the whole Torres family. I used to sing with Sylvia and Norma. I was in Louie Torres’s wedding. We were all so close. Unfortunately both Norma and Sylvia are deceased. Santos lives on Surf Avenue in Coney Island, I don’t know where Louie lives. Santos often sings on the boardwalk on weekends with a band, but I missed catching him this summer, That is all I can tell you right now. Sorry for the bad news.

  107. Lillian Negron Johnson Says:


  108. Rosemarie Buzis Says:

    This article rocks! Thank you.

  109. LaVerne Lewis Says:

    I lived 233 sands street from 1962 to 1972. Does anybody remember Jackie Britt or Brick? Wild family, there were always fighting and cussing

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