Wrong Side of the Tracks (Berkeley, CA)



2 Responses to “Wrong Side of the Tracks (Berkeley, CA)”

  1. ilse daniela rueda Says:

    i absolutely love going by there. i live in Berkeley and i love what the youth have done; using their creativity and artistic skills, they’ve decorated the track walls with beauty. unfortunately, the city and many other places have a negative perspective about this. they believe that this is a horrible type of vandalism. they’re right about it being vandalism, but think about the importance of this art to the youth, and how this helps them find thier own identity. i support the youth movement with graffit. i just wish that the city of berkeley recognize the talent that has been cultivated within its own border, waiting to be accepted and appreciated.

  2. westernqueensland Says:

    Try to go and see Albany Bulb, if they haven’t ruined it.

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