In Loving Memory (Rainy Day Railroad)


December 4, 2007: 48 years old


11 Responses to “In Loving Memory (Rainy Day Railroad)”

  1. Its My Birthday « WQueens7 Says:

    […] added a photo to todayeye that I took (when I had a working digital camera) which had my 34th birthdate on it. It is a bit […]

  2. Nancy Berke Says:

    Happy Birthday fellow Sagitarrius (sp?) 18 years huh. . . that lucky girl!


  3. bad home cook Says:

    Happy Happy birthday Stafford! I just missed your 40th, but I was there for the 45th, wasn’t I? The years are all blurring together.
    Missing you and your family – but we’ll be seeing you come Feb.! Enjoy your day!
    J.T., A.H. and J.H. (and L.H.!)

  4. Sis Says:

    Have a great day, Stafford. A new year + a new address. Same old family.

    Looking forward to your house warming.



  5. edlie Says:

    Happy Birthday!! You get 24 when you divide 48 by 2 🙂

  6. Michelle Davis Says:

    Happy Birthday Stafford. If you are 48 that makes me 50, still older and smarter than you.

    Ben’s sis Michelle

  7. westernqueensland Says:

    Older, smarter and better, Michelle.

  8. Trevor Says:

    Do you remember that we celebrated our birthdays together 25 years ago today on Maui? Cy, Annette Nyqvist ( she made a great cake and nice cookies too) you and me drove to West Maui Mountain and had a really fun day.
    You have always been an inspiration my friend and I thank you.
    Hope you have a nice birthday and an even nicer everyday until you turn 100.
    lots of love,t

  9. Leonard Vogt Says:

    Oh, to be 48 again. Trust me, it really just keeps getting better, except for the occasional ache and pain.

  10. James Maynard Says:

    Happy happy birthday! Amazing that you will one day (not for 30 or more years) be “old” although we’re only as old as we think we are, no?

    Miss you all,

  11. Dhru Says:

    Hi Stafford,

    Happy Birthday! The 40’s decade rocks!! I wouldn’t go back to 35, 30 or even 25 if you paid me…

    Love, Dhru

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