Cathode RaY Caricature



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  1. Update and a Quiz « WQueens7 Says:

    […] Mason is, I think, bored to tears by PS150. He listens to Chandler’s after-school update with seeming blasé-ness, but can always recount the characteristics of the players in her stories if asked. He can often answer the brain teasers that Cha-Cha has brought home, and he usually responds with stories of the incompetence and knuckle-headed-ness of his classmates. He is so ready for a school that challenges him that I can see it like an aura (or the curly half-fro he declines to cut). He’s been home sick with a fever for the last two days and we’ve been keeping him from watching the Disney Channel the whole time. I caught him reading The Outsiders in front of a tivo’d repeat of Zack and Cody (the one where they cut school and end up in a rock video). When I came in the room he hid the book and pretended to be paying attention to the TV. I need to remember this when I rag on them about watching too much Cathode Ray. […]

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