I’ve run out of space, no more pix :~(

I’ll try and get some more space, but I also need a camera!


5 Responses to “I’ve run out of space, no more pix :~(”

  1. Jamie Davis Says:

    NO!!!! So it ain’t so, Staff. Say it ain’t so!
    Do something!!!! Get more space!!! Get a camera!!!!

  2. Rufus Mangrove Says:


    i’ve been checking back to see if you’ve updated. Get any new space? Did you get a camera?

    come on man! who is going to photograph queens like only you know how to?????!!!!!!!!


  3. westernqueensland Says:

    Thanks Rufus and Jamie, I’m back, though the vacation was nice too.

  4. stalherz Says:

    IF you don’t mind, can you tell me how you pasted google maps into your blog?



  5. westernqueensland Says:

    Go to google maps and then click the “link to this page” towards the top on the right. A pop-up will appear with some code and address. Copy the “Paste HTML to embed in website” code into the html part of your blog. Poof, magic, it appears once posted. Let me know how it works.

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