Season’s Leavings

The season’s dying/
Falling apart like garbage/
After the excess/


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3 Responses to “Season’s Leavings”

  1. Corner of Confessions Says:

    It’s always sad to me to see the discarded Christmas trees and decorations.

    My job had this plastic display in the shape of a christmas tree displaying all the “buttons” we gave out. The button promotion had a code on the back of the pin and you could win prizes, certificates and stuff. The display had lights that blink and flicker. When i went to work the day after Christmas it was gone. Our employee entrance door is on an elevated level and there is a little bridge walkway. When you look over you can see the bottom level for the docks and trucks and stuff. I always work nights and I happened to look over and see the tree display there. Abandoned and deserted. Still blinking its lights. So sad.

  2. dawnatilla Says:

    christmas is garbage. every holiday we have is based on druidic blood sacrifice.

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