Avonte Oquendo New Yorker

Avonte Oquendo


25a. Missing teenager/
#Avonte #Oquendo found/
Mere earthly remains/

25. One boy’s tragedy/
Implicates our city’s scale/
Mysterious death/

26. A little boy walked/
Away from his school unwatched/
& ended up dead/

27. Autistic skill sets/
Hide full human emotions/
#Avonte, I weep!/
#haiku #avonteoquendo

28. Though he wouldn’t speak/
#Avonte was still a child/
With all life’s promise/

29. #Schools do a great job/
Though they can’t do ev’rything/
Give them all a #raise!/

30. Better paid workers/
Ensure our children’s safety/
Cheapest isn’t best/

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5 Responses to “Avonte Oquendo New Yorker”

  1. dawnatilla Says:

    what we have here is an underground pedophile/satanist ring that includes some of the most powerful people in the world. it will never stop because of this fact. sick freaks that they are..they dig sick shit, dig? autistics are a favorite…handicapped…very very young.
    they get sacrificed in the end by zionist jews. some jews dont know it, but their god is lucifer.

  2. dawnatilla Says:

    those “better paid workers” are not only not a reality..but are often complicit in the kidnapping. the family was broken by FEMINISM. kids have no parents..they have slaves who are gone.

  3. dawnatilla Says:

    I like your style.

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