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Reasons To Be Cheerful

February 18, 2020

Death’s Mass Produced Solidarity

February 12, 2020

Vanishing Point Interruptus 

May 20, 2015

Middle of nowhere

Nothing is ever broken

Enjoy perfection

Winter’s Filthy Finish

March 13, 2015

Sometime in April under some black crust

This winter’s last filthy snow’ll liquidate 

Spring’s flowers will obscure a world at rust

At snow’s death & decay we’ll celebrate

Random Litter

August 10, 2012


49. The posh don’t matter/
Except to the enforcers/
Of status matters/

1a. Faith accumulates/
Like the snow on a park bench/
Silently and cold/

1b. Faith accumulates/
Like children in a playground/
Joyfully and loud/

1c. Faith accumulates/
When the faithful sit calmly/
Expecting nothing/

1d. Faith accumulates/
When the faithful sit calmly/
Expecting something/

2. Enjoying this day/
Requires acceptance of facts/


August 8, 2012

31. I’m trying again/
Another attempt today/
At a perfect day/

32. Enthusiasm/
Isn’t so necessary/
Just some willingness/

Random Haikus

May 27, 2012

Dark explorations/
Describe my haiku poems/
I want to improve/

Do I victimize/
My readers with my dark views?/
I explore my soul/

In the fetishization/
Of rural nature/

Today’s descending/
With gravity’s certainty/
Upon the willing/

I’ve moved to Facebook

August 27, 2010

impotent agitprop

April 14, 2008

bike message

Cracked Easter

March 23, 2008