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Fire Island Day 7

July 7, 2012

Thoughts on Work on Vacation

13. Sitting after dawn/
Knowing a day will happen/
Pondering my life/

14. I hear birds singing/
Waves continue lapping shore/
Mysterious things/

15. Existence I see/
More than I can understand/
Enough to enjoy/

16. The work I enjoy/
Is done by other people/
When I vacation/

17. Chiaroscuro/
Light from dark application/
Work makes vacation/

18. I love my own work/
And its summer cessation/
When I sit and think/

19. The dock I sit on/
A rudimentary thing/
Was built by hard work/

20. The books I enjoy/
On the life-guarded-beaches/
Are all someone’s work/

21. The meals that I cook/
Were farmed, freighted and then sold/
(Other people’s work)/

22. I miss my students/
Random classrooms of Egos/
Where I can matter/

23. My work defines me/
Although I know it shouldn’t/
I like to matter/

24. I like vacation/
Where I have different work/
Like self awareness/


Metaphysical Musings

June 3, 2012

39c. Contemplating life/
I wander past and future/
Sharpening my “now”/

40. Revisiting “pasts”/
I alloy mistakes and grace/
To rebuild myself/

42. G_d’s not a dealer/
Dealing off the deck’s bottom/
For his chosen few/

43. Life’s more like Lotto:/
The winner really loses/
(each moment’s a prize)/

Heavy Metal

October 23, 2011


1. Imagination:/
The coarse sand in the gears of/

2. Manufacturing/
Is not creating new wealth/
It concentrates/

3. Manufacturing/
Does not create anything/
It distills our dreams/

4. The “trinkets of ease”/
Spill out of their factories/
To consume our lives/

in heaven above

March 9, 2011

Modern Life Clusters/
Consumer products around/
The dissected sky/

climbing Towards Spring

February 21, 2011

The climb continues/
Back up towards our late spring-time/
On the Woodside steps/

Sunnnyside Tulips

April 4, 2010


December 21, 2008


Empire State Building #32

May 15, 2008

Signs of Signs

April 3, 2008


Lady Liberty 2008 (…your tired, your poor, Your Huddled Masses…)

March 13, 2008