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Back To City Two

August 2, 2012

Returning back home/
Resuming daily routines/
Seeing diff’rently/

17. Walking the same streets/
Seeing the same detritus/
Loving differently/

18. I observe little/
Change that makes differences/
But still I have faith/

19. Cities’ momentum/
Hurtles humans forward to/
The place that they were/

20. The repetition/
That cities facilitate/

21. The revelation/
That repetition provides/
Is hidden in work/

Fire Island Day Thirteen

July 13, 2012

49. Uncelebrated/
Outside world owes you nothing/
Celebrate yourself/

50. The desired applause/
Is the beating of your heart/
Within your body/

51. Wide human acclaim:/
Psychological weakness/
For the insecure/

52. Celebrate living/
The very place that you are/
Because it’s unique/

53. Imaginations/
Demand heroic events/
While life is enough/

54. Life should be enough/
Each breath is so heroic/
(We shun this magic)/

55. Look for the magic/
Vibrating everywhere/
In your daily life/

56. (The music in noise/
Accompanies litter’s art/
When you search for it)/

57. Find magic inside/
Yourself and the day’s routine/
By loving yourself/

58. You have ev’rything/
You need to celebrate/
If you look within/

59. Visual beauty/
& social acclaim fail us/
When we’re not happy/

60. Find your happiness/
Within your own consciousness:/
Then enjoy the world/